Llamar al agua por su nombreCalling Water by Its Name, a bilingual edition of Laura Cesarco Eglin's 2010 collection Llamar al agua por su nombre, published by Mouthfeel Press. 

Additional selected publications:

Water, Water Everywhere April 9, 2016:
Ways of Seeing
Funeral Rehearsals
Turning into Algae

Blue Lyra Review Issue 5.1 Spring 2016:


Hiedra Vol. 3, Fall 2014:
Can't Be Contained in a Bottle
From Lighter to Fire

Pilgrimage Vol. 37, Issue 3:
That's Nothing
The Grammar of the Shrimp
The Franklin Mountains Are Not the Moon

Coconut Poetry Magazine, Number 17:
A Question of Skin
The Nights and I
Today I Tell You

Other completed and/or forthcoming translations:

Excerpt from The Grill by Adolfo Pardo (1981).

Excerpt from Crime by Augustín Espinosa (1934).